Chemistry and energy working muscles

The muscles work includes two components: first, the exertion; secondly, move, move. Translated into the language of physics, this means that we have here some force acting at a certain distance, i.e. before us is a typical example to illustrate the concept of work of a school course of physics. Developing repeatedly great efforts on small segments, but total countless repetitions folding in a long journey, our muscles perform very significant work. It is clear that for this to work, they need somewhere to draw energy. As we already know, this energy muscle gives the oxidation of glucose, combustion her. However, this is not all. If muscles in it a series of interesting chemical metamorphoses. On this circuit the energy oxidizing sugar, glucose is transmitted work items.
Starts a chain with the familiar adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is like a powder charge muscles. Vzryvoobraznyj fissioning, ATF allocates a large amount of energy transmitted directly contractile filaments in muscle fibers. The rest of the chain of chemical processes performs restoration of the original quantities of phosphoric explosives. Should new "explosion" and so on, it seems to Us that, holding out his hand to the pencil, we committed only one muscle contraction. In fact, every second of our muscles are reduced 60-80 times. In fact, they simply have no time to relax, as already followed by a new order from the brain. "Explosions" occur one after another, and muscle performs continuous voltage, consisting of the masses quickly successive waves.
It is thus clear that muscle is the power Converter of the chemical form in mechanical. Any transformation is characterized by its efficiency. Nature has set for all transitions of energy from one form to another as if the heat tax is part of the energy is converted into heat.
What is the value of this tax in the muscle?
The tax is large enough. Only 30 % of the energy of burning sugar is passed on chemical chain to the needs of muscle contraction. If we consider that any work of a number of muscles provides support, the Foundation of the movement, the movement itself and the cargo is not participating, the overall efficiency of our muscles is only 20 %. The remaining 80 % of energy - heat loss. However, for the body is not lost, and our heating. They allow our body to maintain a higher temperature than the temperature of the environment.