Force of muscles and endurance

The most important properties of muscles, reflecting their performance, are their strength and endurance.
Muscle power is the maximum voltage that it can develop. The definition of grip strength, produced with a special device - dynamometer, is widespread. However, only indicators forces did not fully reflect the health of the person. It is known that very often people with equal force tire differently. Indeed, experiments have shown that if you ask a person continuously to compress dynamometer with a force equal to half the power of the brush, that one man can withstand only 35-45 seconds, and the other 160-170 seconds, although their force can be exactly the same. Therefore, it was proposed along with the force of muscle control and endurance. The author of these lines designed portable device that allows to determine endurance. Compression rubber brush cylinder pressure gauge rises to the level corresponding to the value of effort. Measuring force, ask the person to keep the arrow in the lower half of the force. This work will be an indicator of muscle endurance. Different people have it, as already mentioned, can vary greatly, on average accounting for about 80 seconds. When measuring the level of 3D forces individual differences are even greater - from 10 to 109 seconds, and the average value is 30 seconds. In other groups of muscles endurance different. So, the calf muscles adapted to long stresses according to maintain vertical position, endurance at half strength exceed 7 minutes.
What holiday is called active?
In 1902, the 73-year-old I. M. Sechenov in experiments on himself opened the remarkable phenomenon. It turned out that tired right hand better rests not with full peace of mind, and by operation of the other hand. This fact has led I. M. Sechenov to the conclusion that the leading role in the process of fatigue and relaxation belongs to the nervous system. In further examination of the open Sechenov phenomenon showed that he is a phenomenon common to the whole nervous system. If one works, the other at the time may better to relax.
This is due to the law of mutual induction nerve centers, about which we will speak: the excitement of one of the Central causes in the neighboring centres braking. Braking, being enforcement process, faster restores power weary cells.
In our days, active rest, i.e., recreation, expressed in switching to the other type of activity, is widely used in sports practice. Correct alternation of different work - an important principle of rational organization and production activities. Active rest is also important in mental work. Switching to exercise and even to another type of mental work is often very beneficial. Who loved to play chess L. N. Tolstoy said: "I love chess because it's a nice rest: they make head to work, but something very peculiar.