Medicinal mushrooms

Unlikely in our time there is a man, who would not hear the name "penicillin". Everyone knows this medication. Many experienced its curative effects.
Penicillin is an antibacterial substance (an antibiotic), which emit the fungi of the genus of penicillin. In the soil, where lives and reproduces a huge number of various microorganisms - bacteria, fungi, yeast, there is a constant war. Antibiotics is the weapon by which fungi fighting off hordes of different microorganisms, ready to destroy them.
Each microscopic fungus own peculiar antibiotic that. The fungus cephalosporium, for example, allocates seven.
Where scientists have sought and continue to seek such mushrooms? Everywhere. In the soil at different plants in the air of residential premises, the rotten fruits, vegetables, bread - everywhere, where you receive the mold.
Antibiotics have made a real revolution in medicine. They helped to cope with such diseases, which often lead to death.
In 1936, at the International Congress of microbiologists English scientist A. Fleming made a report on the experiences with penitsillinam. In 1947, was obtained the fifth antibiotic. Straight from 4 thousand antibiotics over 200 active in the fight with various diseases, and about 60 firmly established in the world practice of health.
Talk about medicinal mushrooms we started with a microscopic, which gave to mankind a powerful weapon in the struggle against diseases. However, large mushrooms mushrooms are used in medicine.
On the trunks of birch often birch mushroom - chaga. Botanical name it - tinder beveled. Most commonly it occurs in the Northern forests of the USSR, on the birches, and less frequently on mountain ash, alder. But with other trees chaga for the medical purposes are not collected.
It is established that the shelf fungus tincture useful in various gastric diseases. He has on the body and a General tonic effect. Chaga is sold in pharmacies as many other medicinal plants.
By trial and error healers felt mushrooms in the medical purposes. To have survived information about those who help in some diseases. Widely used in folk medicine the infusion of the dried fruit bodies of Veselka ordinary. It promotes faster healing of wounds. An ointment, prepared from internal mucous membrane young mushroom Veselka called "earthen oil", used in the treatment of gout and rheumatism. In the Urals grows close relative Smorchkova mushrooms - sarcosoma round. The form of this fungus are unusual - in the form of a bowl full of jelly-like mass. It is then used as an ointment in the treatment of rheumatism.
Noticed that regular consumption of white mushroom prevents the development of certain gastrointestinal diseases. About the medicinal properties of this fungus knew another 300 years ago. The extract from it is used for the treatment of frostbite.
In national medicine apply and other pileate fungi: Golden yellow larch greasers, even poisonous red fly agaric.
White heart immature raincoats and golovca has antibacterial properties. If no patch, it can be applied to the wound, and the blood will stop these disputes Mature mushrooms. Larch sponge can also be used as a styptic funds.
The study of medicinal properties of mushrooms and they contain biologically active substances are several institutes and laboratories and in our country, and abroad. In this work with doctors and pharmacologists constantly cooperate chemists, microbiologists and mycologists (researchers who study mushrooms).