Sodomy (article 121 of the criminal code). The law provides for punishment for sodomy, which understand sexual intercourse of a man with a man. About sodomy is possible to say when the penis active partner is introduced into the rectum passive partner.
Evidential opportunities forensic medical examination of sodomy is very limited. The active partner in the near future, after the Commission of a sexual act is possible to find traces of a feces on penis, especially on the inner surface of the foreskin, and coronary the groove. The passive partner signs much more. Thus, in the anus can detect a variety of change - hyperemia, abrasions, lacerations, a funnel-shaped hollow, rough folding or smoothness of her, etc. But only these characteristics alone do not give the basis for the solution of the issue of homosexuality. The decisive proof of the former act of sodomy passive partner's sperm are in the anus and on the mucous membrane of the rectum, and the manifestation of sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea, proctitis, chancre, AIDS.