We planet Earth

This is probably the decisive step taken by the evolution in improving blood flow and allowing aquatic animals be selected on the land. (Crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles, leading aquatic life, back in the old environment again.) The emergence of four-chamber heart significantly increased the reserves circulation. In the case of partial partition heart arterial blood mixing with the venous, but only in peace. During periods of increased heart mixing occurs. In addition, in dividing the big and small circles of blood circulation is a real dramatically increase blood pressure in the large circle, i.e., increase metabolism, without increasing the pressure in the vessels of the lungs. The excretory system is modern reptiles also prevents the increase in blood pressure: otherwise all liquid and chlorides will be excreted from the body. However dinosaurs (reptiles!) although died out, but lived, lived 65 million years ago, shortly before the appearance of humans. It is not clear how the dinosaurs supported in blood pressure that they had to match the height of their little brain above the ground. Note that the giants were among warm-blooded: mammoths, fossil deer, a bird MoA, and they died out. Today among mammals there are giants that live on land, but they mostly fall into the "Red book". Why are retained sea giants - it's clear.
Fighting gravity is one of the most important stages of the evolution of life on Earth. Today it is one of the main problems of physiology and medicine, as rastrineobola the body is very difficult to restore the antigravity abilities. Many writers portrayed long suffering executed by crucifixion: Giovagnoli, G. Stein, Bulgakov... We think that actually crucified had to die in several minutes and certainly in a state of unconsciousness. The condition of the body during orthostasis decreases considerably high external temperatures, perhaps because many chemoreceptors and perform thermoreceptors function. Anyway, overheating of the body, even without the full orthostasis our eyes often led to faint.
Finishing the Chapter, I would like to remind the reader: chemiatry tissue mechanisms that control not only orthostatic reactions, but almost all the functions of the body, developed, studied mainly due to research Century N. Chernigov and his school. Finally, the first who thought of orthostatic stability circulation, was Richard Lauer, and this, like his other invaluable services, are worth today, after three and a half centuries, they are to remember.

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