Chancroid (synonym venereal ulcer) is an infectious disease caused by streptobacillus of Ducrey - Uns - Petersen, transmitted through sexual intercourse, immunity does not cause. In Russia does not currently meet.
On the skin at the site of entry of streptobacillus, in the first day is bright red, swollen spot on which soon developed the bubble, turning into pustules. On 3-4-th day on the site revealed the pustules is a plague, gradually increasing in size up to 1 to 1.5 cm in diameter and soon the acquiring wrong the form with saped, as if eaten, edges and bottom covered with purulent-bloody discharge. Ulcer soft to the touch, surrounded by a halo bright redness, painful, bleeds easily. Often there are multiple ulcers, usually as a result of spread purulent discharge and transfer the infection to surrounding areas of the skin (Fig. 6 and 7). Ulcers of soft chancre heal after 3-4 weeks with the formation of a scar. Among the varieties of soft chancre distinguished: seleginsky, often reaching large size; gangrenous profound disintegration and exclusion of affected tissues; possible bleeding. Simultaneous infection with pathogens soft chancre and syphilis develops mixed chancre. First revealed signs of soft chancre, but after 3-4 weeks ulcer gradually acquires the characteristic features of hard chancre (compacted, the bottom edge, ulcer gets the correct form).

chancroid photoFig. 1. Multiple ulcers of soft chancre vulva and surrounding skin. Fig. 2. Ulcer soft chancre on her finger. Fig. 3. Fredericki chancroid the head of the penis. Fig. 4. Gangrenous chancroid the head of the penis. Fig. 5. Ulcer soft chancre vulva. Fig. 6. Revelations of inguinal bubo. Fig. 7. Ulcers of soft chancre on the inner leaf of the foreskin.

Complications: infection appears lymphangitis - inflamed lymph vessel, produmyvayte in the form of painful heavy on the back of the penis; bubo - inflammatory increase inguinal lymph nodes, which are accompanied by pain; the nodes are soldered to surrounding tissues and often opened with pus and ulceration. May develop phimosis (see) and paraphimosis (see). Diagnosis of soft chancre is based on the anamnesis, clinical and discovery streptobacillus in the discharge of ulcers.
Treatment is performed by the physician-venerologist sulfa drugs (sulfadimezin, norsulfazol and other 3-4 grams per day for 10-12 days), antibiotics, mainly in complicated soft chancre (penicillin 50 000 UNITS every 3 hours, at the rate of 1 - 5 million IU). Locally warm bath with potassium permanganate and sulfanilamidnye preparations (powders, powders, ointments). Prevention - see Syphilis.