Mialgia is a pain in muscles. Pain are acute or obtuse arise after the sudden movement, cooling, muscle strain, injury, infection, and diabetes, gout. Localized myalgia in the muscles of the neck, chest, trunk, lumbar, extremities. Changing the position and the load cause exacerbation of pain.
Treatment of symptoms: dry heat, erythermal doses of quartz, inside amidopyrine, analgin, acetylsalicylic acid 0.5 g 3 times a day.

Myalgia (acute febrile illness; from the Greek. mys, myos - muscle and algos - pain - pain in the muscles of various intensity and the different nature (sharp - shooting, tearing; blunt - aching, Lomasa), usually manifested attacks, often in the absence of gross anatomical changes. In some cases it may precede myositis (see).
The main reasons myalgia are diseases of metabolism (diabetes, gout), exogenous intoxication (alcohol), influenza, focal latent infection (oral cavity, paranasal cavity of the nose), injury, cooling, etc. Myalgia usually only one of the symptoms of violation of muscle function of different etiology. Described, for example, epidemic myalgia caused by viruses group Coxsackie.
Based myalgia are changes in the chemistry of the muscle tissue in violation of the normal sequence of contractile process.
Myalgia may appear immediately (with an awkward movement, physical work-related fatigue and cooling) or develop gradually. In some cases, cooling cervical-occipital region, the upper parts of the chest, legs, can lead to a kind of painful seals in the muscles (galasam), which, according to some authors, can cause a reflex reflected painful reactions from the internal organs (nature touch-autonomic reflex). Sometimes these pain incorrectly diagnosed as neurosis internal organs. C. K. Khoroshko pointed to pseudochaos caused painful changes in the muscles and connective tissue of the relevant field (fibrosity, cellulites). The process seal can progress to the tendons, ligaments, fascia, joint bags. These changes can cause pain in complex pain syndrome is very difficult to differentiate from myalgia (C. S. Mars).
The differential diagnosis have to be aware of neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis (objective sensitivity disorders, motor skills, reflexes, trophism and so on). The symptom of pain on pressure and tension can take place in the defeat and peripheral nerves, and muscles. However, in recent cases, the intake pressure causes pain much earlier than fingers reach the nerve trunk or plexus.
Treatment. In the acute period of calm, moderate heat in all forms, analgesic ointments, inside amidopyrine, analgin, acetylsalicylic acid. Apply ultraviolet irradiation of the affected areas (erythemal dose), electrophoresis with novocaine, histamine. When education "geneticheskikh plaques" massage
by rubbing the affected muscles in a hot bath and often eliminates pain syndrome. In diseases of the exchange - an appropriate diet. When gouty diathesis - warm water, and hydrogen sulphide and radon baths. In protracted cases, massage, paraffin therapy, mud packs.
Cm. also Neuralgia.