Meat-dairy and food control stations

Meat-dairy and food control station is the institution, which is a veterinary-sanitary examination of meat, dairy and other food products, control over observance of sanitary norms and conditions in places of sales of livestock and poultry.
At the station there is a laboratory that produces simple tests on determination of high quality products. More complex analyses are performed in the laboratories of the regional (city) veterinary-bacteriological and sanitary-epidemiological stations. Benign product is applied the stamp with the inscription, the resolution's implementation. The products are recognized when the examination is conventionally good, are not allowed in the sale; the station's workers are monitoring their disposal, and if necessary - destruction. Expertise, in addition to meat and dairy products, are broken poultry, fish, honey, vegetables, berries, fruits, mushrooms.
In its work, the staff are guided by the existing standards, guidelines and by special decisions of local Councils.