Meat-packing plant

Meat - industrial enterprise, producing food, feed and technical products, of meat, as well as endocrine-ferment raw material that goes to the production of medical preparations, etc.,
For technological and sanitary principles at the factory delineated zone skotobaza, industrial premises, auxiliary premises and other Areas and premises of meat-packing plant should be located in such a way as to ensure the shortest link between shops, continuity and continuous performance of the processing of raw materials, as well as maximum isolation dirty processes from the net.
At the factory must be chemical-bacteriological laboratory, and at the factory of processing carcasses of pigs, and trichinellosis.
All the cattle, delivered for processing to the meat is subjected to veterinary-sanitary inspection, sorted and weighed. Sick and suspected epidemic diseases of livestock is sent to the detention centre or quarantine for aging. Healthy cattle is kept in shop of slaughter content to days without food; watering of cattle is terminated for 2 hours before its transfer to primary processing.
In cities are built only meat, but in rural areas slaughter points - small abattoir intended to provide food for the local population.