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The monitoring of patients

The monitoring of patients is a vital condition of treatment. Care clinicians need to be aware of changes in the condition of patients, and to report on them a duty and to the doctor. You should pay attention to the position of the body (active, forced, passive), discoloration of the skin, the appearance of the rash, pruritus, facial expression, and especially the eyes of the patient, which may reveal the deterioration or improvement of his condition. In addition, caregivers and the medical staff must correctly and prepare the patients to various researches, and also to collect the material (sputum, urine, vomit, and so on).
You must follow the tolerability of drugs, particularly antibiotics and sulfonamides. When complaints of the patient on the appearance of skin lesions, burning language, pain when swallowing, pain during urination, you must refrain from repeated administration of medication and inform your physician in order to prevent the development of drug disease (see), anaphylactic shock (see Anaphylaxis).
In the process of General surveillance should be conducted anthropometric measurements (growth and weight of the patient). The patient is weighed at entry, then at least once a week and more frequently if necessary (after days of discharge, diuretics and other); weighting rule of a sick - see the body Weight.
All patients measure body temperature in the morning between 7-8 hours when the temperature is lowest, and in the evening between 5-7 hours, in the period of the most high temperatures. In some diseases, the body temperature must be measured every two hours and even at night (see Thermometry of the body).
When monitoring respiratory determine the frequency and rhythm of breathing, the amount allocated per day sputum, the nature of its (blood, pus, food, smell). The patient must collect sputum in a special jar zavertyvanii tube; avoid unpleasant smell on the bottom of the jar pour a solution of potassium permanganate. When an hemoptysis it is necessary to call the doctor, before which the patient adheres to strict bed rest. In the case of arthritis before the arrival of the doctor the patient give sedentary or poluciaetsea position, increase the inflow of fresh air into the chamber. During the chill of the patient cover the incremental blanket, give hot tea, obkladyvajut heaters.
To prevent stagnation in the lungs and atelectasis prescribe medical gymnastics; the nurse monitors the performance of a complex of exercises; bedridden, you should regularly turn in bed.