Beginning of understanding

In the geographical Atlas of you will easily find the town of Totma, Vologda region, but try to find Kockova, where it starts and ends this Chapter. It begins on 28 April 1852. However, there is perhaps a few years earlier, since that day, when the priest Kokkolskogo ward became Eugene N. Vvedenskii, the father of the famous physiologist whose views are close to progressive circles of different ranks of the intelligentsia.
Ten years Kolya Vvedensky arrives in Vologda spiritual school and the spiritual Seminary in Vologda. It is impossible not to bring your own words N. That is, Vvedensky: "the Distance from the village Kockova to Vologda, 75 miles away, and I and brother Vyacheslav three times a year went by foot. It's easy to go in bast shoes, especially in winter time".
Then Vvedensky - student of the law faculty, however, later making transfer of the natural Sciences Department.
These were the years of persecution at the Sechenov Moscow medical Academy, Mechnikov, the years when under the influence of ideas Herzen and Chernyshevsky there was a movement of populism, and Vvedensky becomes his staunch supporter. In 1874 during the summer holidays of Vvedensky was arrested in the village Lovat Zhizdrinskogo district of the Kaluga province for the revolutionary and anti-religious propaganda, suspected of involvement in the notorious "case hundred ninety-three", imprisoned in solitary confinement, deprived of visits and books. The regime of detention was so cruel that not all of them had to live up to the court. Vvedensky held in Istrinskoe alone twenty months, and then sent him to Petersburg. More than three years lasted imprisonment Vvedensky. For lack of evidence, he was acquitted, but remained under police surveillance a member until 1917. From the custody of his saved the revolution.
In the autumn of 1878 Vvedensky restored at St. Petersburg University. Now the Department of physiology in charge returned from Odessa Sechenov. When in 1879 Vvedensky graduated from the course, Ivan Mikhailovich makes everything to the best of his disciples left the University. However after two years before Vvedenskogo possible to become an employee of the Department of physiology.
The first work of the presentation "About the respiratory frequency in innervation movements common frogs", made on the proposal of the I. M. Sechenov, was published in 1879. The second study Nicholas Evgenyevich was devoted to the study of reflex excitability of nerve centers under the action of light skin. Would know Muller, as will strike his law specific energies under the pressure of facts, extracted this Popovich, a seminarian, a rebel! This Russian guy proved that the coverage of the skin that never has any rights not dare to influence anything, except of view (what's written hundreds of printed sheets by John Mueller), simple lighting skin leads to prolonged stimulation of the nervous centres! Himself Sechenov presented these two works his student for the award of the prize in memory of the First Congress of Russian naturalists and physicians.
With the onset of summer vacation Vvedensky goes abroad, of course, at his own expense: who will subsidize supervised? Four such trips Vvedensky has worked in the laboratories of HEIDENHAIN, du Bois-Reymond and in other advanced laboratories in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. In 1884 he defended master's thesis "Phoned to study in the muscle and nervous apparatus." No one tried to follow the potentials nerve in this way.

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