Start wandering

Early in the morning, when people were still finish last dreams, at the gates of Gurganj, the capital of Khorezm, met three. Young dark man with a beautiful face and alert dark eyes carefully helped to climb camel his companion. Their conductor went forth, and the little band hit the road. From the welcoming and friendly Gurgandzh - into the unknown, although hoped they safely to the Dzhurdzhana, to the Palace of the Emir Qaboos.
Small belongings, not delaying it back to the camels, the main thing - the bottles with water for a very long way, and guide, fulfilling the mandate given to him, chose in the Sands of the old road, which has long not lead trade caravans. However, wells dug unknown unknown when and by whom, are still preserved.
First day went well. They were committed-v but in some squeaky Sands. Misfortune brought sandstorm. She had knocked and people and camels. When the storm subsided and the people stood up, it turned out that no one camel, the very thing with water. Now the life-giving moisture splashed in only one bag.
It was necessary to look well. Two remained in place, and the guide went forward. He returned not soon, but not ahead or behind the well of water was not. Decided to go ahead.
In the evening the senior of the travelers felt bad. Not Pomor him even a SIP of water. The day he came to himself, he even tried to joke, but at night attack was repeated, and soon indifferent sand took his body.
Now moved forward two men and two camels. There was no water, the sun was mutiles in my head. Forces left them; even when suddenly disappeared one camel, they could not go in search of him. And trudged through the Sands: a guide barely held for the camel. In dusty, emaciated man would be difficult to admit that beautiful traveller who sought in Dzhurdzhana.
But what there Dzhurdzhana! Any city, any caravan, just to get to the water...
They are still out on the road leading to the water fell on the outskirts of Abiverd where I found it, and shelter, little man - the Keeper of the cemetery. And they drank and drank the Holy water, one Cup after another.
After a few days gathered trade caravan in Khorezm, and with it the conductor went back. He decided to change his profession to become a Barber that henceforth not to be away from home.
And his companion went on a trip to the Dzhurdzhana.
When he reached the goal, put a coin from skinny wallet for the right of the entrance to the city, I saw a strange scene. Past him rushed vsadniki. They brought richly dressed elderly man, whose hands were fastened with chains.
- Who is this?
- Former Emir Qaboos.
- Emir Qaboos? But as he addressed a letter of recommendation!
Thus began wandering and wandering the world famous man, later called "the Prince of medicine". It has a long Oriental name, shortened version which sounds like Ibn Sina. In Europe it was called Avicenna, in Russia he was known as Avisen.