Supraclavicular region

Supraclavicular region corresponds to the triangle, limited front rear edge sternoclavicular-liners muscles, behind - the front edge of the trapezius muscle, and bottom - collarbone. The skin in the supraclavicular area slim, mobile.
If the injuries supraclavicular areas of possible life-threatening bleeding, damage to the dome of the pleura, the apex of the lung and the thoracic lymphatic duct. If bleeding is necessary to press subclavian artery by the first edge (subclavian artery lying in the gutter I ribs, its projection corresponds to the middle clavicle), thus it is necessary to dip the ends of the II, III and IV fingers behind her and slowly press, squeeze the vessel. As a result of injury may occur aneurysm subclavian, common carotid and vertebral arteries. Possible metastasis in supraclavicular lymph nodes tuberculosis and cancer of internal organs (stomach, esophagus , and others).

surface vessels and nerves supraclavicular regionFig. 1. Surface vessels and nerves supraclavicular region. Fig. 2. Longitudinal (parasagittal) cut the left supraclavicular region (N. I. Pirogov). Fig. 3. Deep vessels and nerves supraclavicular region. 1-n. occipitalis minor; 2-platysma; 3-nn. supraclaviculars; 4-lamina praetrachealis fasciae colli, covering the lower abdomen m. omohyoidei; 5-fatty cellulose; 6-nodi lymphatici cervicales superficiales; 7-n. accessorius; 8-lamina superficialis fasciae colli (cut and partially deployed); 9-m. pectoralis major; 10-bone; 11-m. subclavius; 12-v. subclavia; 13-costa I; 14-a. subclavia; 15-pulmo sinister; 16-m. intercostalis I; 17-costa II; 18-m. intercostalis II; 19-costa III; 20-m. intercostalis III; 21-costa IV; 22-m. serratus anterior; 23-m. subscapularis; 24-m. infraspinatus; 25-scapula; 26-m. supraspinatus; 27-m. trapezius; 28-m. scalenus posterior; 29-m. scalenus medius; 30-a. transversa colli; 31-plexus brachialis; 32 - m. sternocleidomastoideus; 33 - the nerves of the cervical plexus (cut); 34-v. jugularis externa; 35-n. phrenicus; 36-m. scalenus anterior; 37-a. et v. cervicales superficiales; 38-a. et v. suprascapular; 39-n. suprascapular; 40-the lower abdomen m. omohyoideus (turned); 41-a. et v. transversae colli; 42-m. levator scapulae; 43-m. splenius.