Suprapubic capsule

suprapubic capsule
Suprapubic capsule imposed patient

Suprapubic capsule - a device for reception and discharge of urine, which is released through suprapubic mahaputera fistula. Used in the untreated patients drainage and, if necessary, healing suprapubic fistula. Suprapubic capsule consists of an oval steel box without a bottom (length 10-14 cm, width 6-8 cm, height of 2-3 cm) and removable cover with a hole in the centre for irrigation fistula with an antiseptic solution. On the side there are two short tube through which urine is diverted (Fig).
The skin around the fistula is treated with vaseline or paste Lassara and sterilized by boiling capsule attached to the body with a bandage or a rubber belt.