The naphthalan treatment

The naphthalan treatment is a method of heat treatment of special type of oil is a complex mixture of naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons and resins containing little light fractions. Therapeutic oil extracted from wells located in Naftalan in Azerbaijan SSR is a thick, syrupy consistency liquid black with greenish fluorescence and sometimes weak light, with a weak smell and slightly acidic reaction. Applied in the form of steam baths and solar heating, Naftalan-pearl baths, applications, combined with the heliotherapy, irradiation with ultraviolet rays.
Under the action of naphthalan treatment dilate the capillaries; it helps to normalize the function of endocrine glands, improves metabolism, increasing the protective force of the organism, accelerates regeneration of nerve after injury. The naphthalan treatment has desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.
In Naftalan Naftalan oil is used in the form of General and sedentary baths, local lubrication combined with electro - and phototherapy, in the form of dressing, irrigation. The total duration of the bath (temperature of 36 - 38 degrees) 8-10 minutes, and skin diseases - 10-15 minutes followed by solar radiation (in the spring and summer period), the treatment 15-16 procedures. After receiving the remains of the baths of oil removed from the body of the patient. He oblivaetsya under a warm shower and is warmly wrapped up, resting 15 - 20 minutes In non-resort conditions, naphthalan treatment combined with radiation lamp Solux, with light, dry air baths.
Indications: diseases of skin, musculoskeletal system, consequences of traumas and burns, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis and endarteritis; diseases of peripheral nervous system, female genital sphere.
Contraindications: malignant neoplasms, predisposition to the bleeding, kidney disease, and diseases at which treatment is not shown (Spas).
From Naftalan oil is prepared medicinal drugs used outside the resort: refined Naftalan oil, naftalin, Naftalan-salicylic pasta, boric-zinc-Naftalan pasta, sulfur, zinc-Naftalan pasta, ihtiola-zinc-Naftalan pasta, naftalinovogo ointments, candles, powder, paste, natakamulu, Neftcala, saptamanal. The last two preparations prepare on Naftalan, which removed the resin.