The inclination of the uterus

As already mentioned, normal (typical) uterus is in the position anteversio. From this position, however, may be different deviations in either direction against the wall of the pelvis: excessive inclination of the uterus to the front, the so-called pathological antivirse, backwards - netraverse, in the direction (right or left)-latraverse.
The causes of pathological inclinations of the uterus variety. These include: lack of development support of the staff of the uterus: infantilism, which marks the birth korotkoi Sacro-uterine ligaments; all kinds of tumors; encysted peritoneal effusions and, finally, inflammatory processes. In pathological-antivirsee in a standing position women the bottom of the uterus is standing below the cervix, which differs from the norm will be directed up and back (Fig. 55). Antivirse of the uterus was observed in pregnant women with saggy stomach, in the presence of binding anterior uterine wall with peritoneal cover the bladder and hernia.
The most important and the inclinations of the uterus is netraverse her, in which the uterus bottom is facing up and back, neck of uterus - down and toward the front (Fig. 56).
This situation occurs due to long time woman lying down on his back after childbirth and operations. Sometimes it occurs under the influence of gravity uterine tumors, inappropriate reverse the involution of the uterus after delivery, with a full bladder, with the omission of the vaginal walls, and finally, when lowering intestinal vaginal loops in the gallbladder-uterine space, resulting in intra-abdominal pressure will act on the anterior wall of the uterus.
Besides the above reasons, a significant role in the formation of retroversion play inflammation in the pelvic peritoneum, parametritis, localized in dopasowa space, inflammation of the rear sheet peritoneal broad ligament and the formation of scars. There is a direct relationship between retromarcia and prolapse of the vagina on the basis of perineal injury (see below).
At the tilt of the uterus to lateral walls (latraverse) the fundus of the uterus raised above and to one side, and the cervix is down and away from the body of the uterus side. The inclination of the uterus in the direction of bias error uterine tumors, the result of the inflammatory process in the tubes and ovaries, inflammation okolomatocnah fiber (parametritis). The same influence scars after surgery, removal of ovarian tumors.
When the wrong inclinations of the uterus (especially when retroversion) the latter often increases in volume. This is because under the influence of the wrong position of the uterus foam, passing in the thickness of the broad ligaments, crushed and so are created difficulties for the outflow of blood. At the same time, wrong position of the uterus usually has no effect on elastic blood vessels, and blood flow to the body remains normal. The result is congestive hyperemia of the uterus, causing it to become swollen and enlarged in volume.