Nanofilmos (nanophyetosis) is the helminthiasis of thin intestines. The causative agent of nenopietna - Fluke Nanophyetes salmincola schikhobalovi value of 0.4-0.5 mm In Russia is found in the basin of the Amur river. Person contracts nenopietna when eating raw and half-baked fish (grayling and others). The disease occurs when symptoms enteritis. The diagnosis is based on detection in Calais eggs of helminths.
Treatment. Assign radio extract of rhizomes male fern, as when metagonimus (see), or (adults) inside Akrikhin 0.6-0.8 g, saline laxative - 1 hour; adults can enter into the duodenum via the probe Akrikhin 60 ml WA alcohol, saline laxative - in 15 - 20 minutes Prevention. Fish may eat only boiled or fried or after long periods of Ambassador.