Naphazoline (Naphthyzinum; synonym Sanorine; list B) - local vasoconstrictor tool from the group adrenomimeticescoe substances. Apply with rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, burying 1-2 drops 0.05-0.1% solutions or emulsions 3 times a day; with conjunctivitis used 0.05% solution, and the children - a 0.025% solution. During nasal bleeding appoint a tampon with 0,1% solution. Naphazoline add to the solutions of local anesthetic agents (2-4 drops of 0.1% solution of 1 ml anestetika) to ease their absorption. Contraindicated in hypertension, tachycardiaexpressed arteriosclerosis. Method of production: powder, solutions (0,025; 0.05 and 0.1%), emulsions (0.05 and 0.1%), in bottles of 10 ml
Cm. also Adrenomimeticescoe funds.