Narkoman (Narcolanum; synonym of Avertin; list B) is a drug used for rectal anesthesia. Duration about 2 hours. Narkoman enter in a direct gut in dose-0,06-0,09 g on 1 kg of patient's weight. The highest single dose of 0.1 g per 1 kg of patient's weight. Applied in the form of 2.5% solution prepared ex tempore of distilled water, heated to 35-38 degrees. Heated above 40 degrees solution marcolana decomposes to form toxic substances. Before use, check the suitability of a solution marcolana addition to 5 ml him in vitro 1-2 drops of 0.1% solution of congrat: orange-red color indicates the suitability, purple indicates the unsuitability of the drug. The release form: powder. Cm. also Drugs.