Disorders of the immune processes

In patients with alcoholism marked inhibition of indicators of natural immunity. Filed N. I. Kuznetsova (1984), alcohol is particularly toxic to thymusdependent system that implements the immune response of the cell type. Decreases the body's ability to release products, formed by the destruction of the tissue and metabolism, which contributes to the deepening of intoxication.
In the origin of disorders of the Central nervous system, liver and other organs and systems in alcoholism can participate and autoimmune processes. We have already mentioned the biosynthesis in the course of alcoholism tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids. They can be considered as specific autoimmune antigens that stimulate the production of antibodies.
According to G. N. Kryzhanovsky and C. A. Evseev (1988), autoantibodies to biogenic amines are revealed in 57% of patients with alcoholism, while only 4% found antibodies to catecholamines and serotonin. In the majority of patients are defined antibodies either to rest or to serotonin. Naturally, the appearance of antibodies in this case can be seen as the action of the protective mechanisms: the body tries to prevent the formation processes of alcohol dependence. Indeed, in the experiment was to show a decrease desire for alcohol on the background of targeted stimulation of antibody formation to biogenic amines and, on the contrary, following the reduction of the titer of antibodies to biogenic amines increases the consumption of alcohol.
According to different authors, approximately 15% of patients with alcoholism can determine antibodies produced in response to reactions in your brain: morphological picture of changes in the Central nervous system in alcoholism often reminds in allergic reactions.
According to E. C. Balahnin, V. S. Glebov (1986), the increase of the content of protivokashlevykh antibodies as the length of the period of illness and transition to the initial stages of the disease. There are a number of States with the maximum frequency of antibody detection: on the first stage of alcoholism - the first 3 days of abstinence from alcohol, the second stage is alcohol withdrawal syndrome and alcoholic psychoses; at the third stage antibodies are determined constantly. Apparently, all this reflects the degree of brain damage and growth of encephalopathy changes by the end of the disease.