Examination of the abdomen

Having prepared everything necessary for research, proceed to the external examination of the patient lying on the examination table with bare stomach and genitals. At first make an external examination of the abdomen, paying attention to its characteristics: the form, amount, and old scars of pregnancy, the laxity of the walls, bloating, vtyanutoj, scars from former operations, fistular holes, ulceration, rash, separation of the muscles, Gruziya swelling, varicose veins, discoloration, state navel and hairs. It is especially important to pay attention to the protrusion coming from tumors in the abdomen or in the thickness of the abdominal wall, as well as the presence of edema, ascites or flatulence.
The size and shape of protrusion can with some degree of probability (especially in lean women) to determine whether the disease has in this patient: for example kistevidnyi tumors of the ovaries, for the most part are in the form of single spherical formations: multiple fibroids uterine - form conglomerate related balls; ovarian cysts belly usually protruding dome. When abdomen ascites is quite characteristic appearance due to symmetric protrusion of the lateral parts of it, and only with large crowds of ascitic fluid belly accepts the spherical form.
Tumors of the abdomen may possess active or passive smesimosti, or at the same time. Active smesimosti body is called the displacement due to the movement of the diaphragm under the influence of respiratory movements passive same - move tumors produced hands exploring. Malignant tumors in advanced stages generally nessesairy. Genital tumor usually do not have active smesimosti, while passive their smexiest can be quite large (ovarian cyst on a long stalk or subserous fibromatous sites in the uterus). Palpation of the abdomen can detect tumors that originate from the intestines, gland, stomach, retroperitoneal lymph nodes. The differential diagnosis should always be borne in mind that tumors that originate from genitals, usually have a correlation with the small pelvis, and bow-shaped contour of the tumor turned his bulge upward.
Swelling are localized mainly in the lower abdomen, in the vulva and lower limbs, and the skin on the swelling taking a characteristic appearance: it seems to be poured and shiny, and by pressing a finger remain fossa.
General flatulence uniform protrusion of the whole abdomen; in cases of partial flatulence (obstruction) protrudes only one kind of the abdomen.
On closer inspection it can sometimes detect visible through the covers of the contours of the swollen loops guts and to trace the peristaltic movement; you can also watch movement intrauterine fetal and, finally, the pulsation of the aorta.

  • Palpation (feeling) of the abdomen
  • The percussion belly
  • Listening belly
  • Measurement of the abdomen
  • Inspection of the external genital organs