We are waiting for stadiums

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Physical culture and sport grant millions of people not only health, labour productivity growth, but provide active ageing and longevity. Statistics shows that people who regularly exercise, productivity 3-4% above; 5-8 times less diseases (mainly catarrhal character), 15-20% higher labour discipline.
One of the outstanding organisers of the Soviet health, academician of the AMS of the USSR N. A. Semashko (1874-1949) emphasized that medicine and physical culture "hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder will go to the common goal - the improvement of workers". To him belong the words: "Physical exercise and sport does not only strengthen those or other bodies, and contribute to intellectual development of the person".
Today, when the physical culture and sport became a social phenomenon, there is a real opportunity to implement grandiose transition from mass to vsenarodnoj sports movement. The age-old dream of people to attain physical perfection is available to each of us. For this in the Republic, as well as throughout the country, annually provides a significant increase in the construction of sports facilities and playgrounds, rental of sports equipment, further the health and General physical training. Moreover, the centers of gravity of the mass of the work transferred to the districts, place of residence, housing, recreation areas.
In Belarus organized a good material-technical base is over 600 stadiums, over 75 indoor swimming pools and 3000 sports halls, over 36,000's playgrounds (data 1980). To attract people to regular physical exercise created fitness complexes - Foca, where anyone can get a charge of vivacity, strength and health. Such plants are in Novopolotsk, Minsk, Grodno, Gomel and other towns of the Republic.
Fiocruz - the word that appeared relatively recently. It represents an entirely new phenomenon in our life, a new slogan: "Physical culture in the life of the people". In the sports and health improving complexes are gyms, swimming pools, dry air baths, rental of sports equipment. Medical support of sports and recreation activities carried out today, the health authorities through the district clinics, Home health education that lead Advisory explanatory work with the population, medical monitoring of student assignment to the group health and physical therapy.
First in the Republic FOK was created in February 1978 in Novopolotsk. It was organized sauna, showers, medical room, massage, rest rooms, hall General physical training, equipped classrooms vibration and underwater massage, medical cosmetics. Some objects Fock located in a picturesque suburban area of the lake district Youth.
Novopolotsk can rightfully be called a pioneer in the organization of health-improving complexes. Every third inhabitant of this young city of oil industry workers and chemists became the athlete. Here are the traditional competition "father, mother and I are a sports family", "come on, guys!" "You are called "Sportlandia", "Leather ball", "Golden puck". In Navapolatsk for the first time in the Republic was equipped with a "health Path", where you can easily test themselves each. And "Novopolotsk ski track", where annually start people of different ages and professions! At the start of the health of people overcome their ailments, diseases, stocks inexhaustible vigour for hard work. Currently, the services of athletes Novopolotsk given three indoor swimming pools, 30 gymnasiums, 10 ski bases, lighted ski trail, about 70 playgrounds.