Family longevity

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The best health indicators marked among farmers at all levels of family longevity compared to those of the workers. The higher the stage of family longevity, the more these differences.
This suggests that the impact of social factors, obviously, is not inferior to the power of influence of genetic factors, even in old age.
Thus, the analysis confirmed the dependence of the long-term health by many factors external and internal environment. Clarify the role of genetic and social factors in maintaining a high level of health of long-livers, the dependence of the health of the complex conditions and lifestyle of the population of a territory. We have found is inversely proportional link between hereditary security and environmental conditions can be formulated as follows: the more favorable social climate conditions, and better lifestyle of people, the less of role among the factors active longevity is given of heredity; on the contrary, the worse the conditions of life, the more important hereditary security for health in old age.
To achieve high levels of longevity requires more pronounced level family longevity increases with age the role of hereditary factor).
Analysis of health indicators and factors that determine them, many years people of different gender allows to understand the Genesis of existing differences in life expectancy of men and women.
Compilation of materials characterizing the state of health, lifestyle and living conditions of centenarians, expands our knowledge about the evolution of relations in the system of the organism - environment throughout the life of man.
Further study of the influence of the social environment on the formation and preservation of health of the older population should be directed on finding-out of causes of death. Special attention should be paid to pronounced in some countries the excess male mortality over women, leading to an increase of the gap in life expectancy of people of different sex and reduce the number of centenarians among men.
Important role in ensuring a high level of physical, mental and social health of persons of pension age play favorable adaptation to the changed conditions of life after the termination of the employment, restructuring lifestyle and behavior. In this regard, it is necessary to find effective ways and means of rational preparation of ageing workers to retire and their social adaptation in the pension period. A special place in the successful solution of these important tasks is the improvement of the various parts of medico-social services for elderly and old people. More attention should be paid to the development of broad socio-economic and socio-hygienic measures aimed at the prevention of aging and premature mortality of the population, support of an active and creative longevity.