Matecznik (sinter, or cold, abscess) - a collection of pus near or at some distance from the main, most of tuberculous lesion, usually associated with it. Source of matecznik is purulent fusion caseous the collapse of bone or lymph node tuberculosis; the contents of his sero-pyo, often krasnovato.
Often matecznik develop tuberculosis of the spine, large joints and lymph nodes. Typical localization: when spondylitis cervical vertebrae - zagadochnoe congestion on the sides of the neck, with the defeat of the thoracic vertebrae - on both sides of the spine, at a tuberculosis of the lumbar vertebra and sacral or iliac area and under papatowai ligament, tuberculosis cervical lymph nodes - neck, tuberculosis hip distributed by fiber hips.
Symptoms of matecznik - see Tuberculosis of bones and joints.
The main clinical sign of appearance of the patient osteo-articular tuberculosis resistant, are little painful, fluktuiruyushchimi swelling and like formation. The skin is little changed, sometimes blue. When attaching the secondary purulent infection develop symptoms purulent inflammation, redness, swelling, pain. Possible compression of matecznik of neighboring organs (such as the spinal cord). At the break of matecznik outwards, a large amount of liquid pus and are formed non-healing fistula. Possible breakthrough of matecznik in the internal organs and body cavities (e.g. in the pleural cavity)that worsens the prognosis.
If you suspect matecznik should be made a detailed examination of the spine, lymph nodes and corresponding joints; the patient is sent for an x-ray to detect hearth of the primary lesion, and sometimes matecznik.
If there fistula diagnosis facilitates fistulography (see).
Opening of matecznik inadmissible because of the danger of accession of secondary infection. It is necessary treatment of the underlying process. When atechnique, close to the skin surface, make it a puncture on the side from the top, suction pus and introduction of solutions of streptomycin and other anti-TB drugs. Timely total TB treatment (conservative or operative) the main focus, and biopsy or excision of matecznik with the capsule give a complete liquidation process.