Sky - anatomical education, separating the oral cavity from the nasal cavity and consists of two departments - the hard palate and the soft palate.
Hard palate formed nebnye the processes of the upper jaw and horizontal plate of the Palatine bones. The mucous membrane that covers bone formation, goes backwards on the soft palate, which is made up of muscles and fibrous bases. The rear edge of the soft palate is the protrusion of the tongue. On the sides of the soft palate continues in the arms superimposed on the edge of the root of the tongue and sides of the throat. Muscular system of the soft palate produces complex movements in speaking and eating.

Through the cleft lip and palate: 1 - sided; 2 - sided (left).

The most frequent pathology - congenital clefts of soft or both soft and hard palate, which arise in the result of disease development is the lack of fusion between the processes of the upper jaw, or muscle formations of the soft palate (Fig). Fissures treated mainly with surgery - method uranoplasty, which is that the clearance crevices close mucoperiosteal patches, moved with palatal records. If it is impossible to make a surgical procedure that is used dentures - obturator (see).
Acquired defects of the sky result pellet and fire damage or specific diseases (syphilis). Treatment is also operational.
Inflammatory diseases of the sky observed in stomatitis (see) and in acute purulent inflammatory processes (see Osteomyelitis, Periostitis).
Tumors of the sky: benign- papillomas, fibroma, hemangioma, lymphangioma. more rarely neurofibroma; malignant - cilindrata, glandular cancer. Tumors can be either primary or grow mainly from the maxillary sinus. The surgical treatment of tumors.