Necrotomy - dissection of dead tissue. Most often necrotomy shows with deep burns, frostbite feet and shins, anaerobic gangrene of the limbs, especially the bottom, with the purpose of creation of the outflow of the centers of festering and melting tissues, as well as the prevention of their formation. Necrotomy is in the early stages, before you will modifitsirovanie (drying) of the affected tissues. Necrotomy surgeon performs under local anesthesia or General anesthesia. Sections at necrotomy should not go beyond the dead area. Sometimes necrotomy combined with necrectomie (see). After necrotomy treatments under the bandage or open under the frame with a heating electric bulbs. Because after necrotomy can be bleeding from damaged blood vessels, it is necessary care, especially at night.
Necrotomy do not produce, if there are indications for urgent amputation of the affected limb.