The neyrodermatozov. Neurodermatitis

The group neyrodermatozov are those for diseases of the skin, which differ in the main symptom is severe itching. Often in patients presenting with a complaint against severe itching of the skin, on closer inspection of the skin is no objective characteristics of itching of the skin, no. In addition to the so-called symptomatic itching, one of the many signs of medicine (for example, eczema, hives, itching), there are, as senile pruritus, psychogenic itching, area of coverage and some features distinguish universal and localized itching (this form is more common in the perineum, the women of the vulva, vagina). Patients usually claim that fits strong itching come when they undress and go to bed. In its pathogenesis itching and pain are close sensations, they usually do not coincide in time of occurrence and sometimes even more antagonistic. So, scratching skin to pain leads to the suppression of sensation of itching. The origin of the itch is not always possible to find out, because many of the causes can recall it: nervous breakdown, endocrine disorders, worm infestation, drug allergies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (particularly liver), neoplasms, and so on, Sometimes frequent itching continue a short time and itching soon disappears, another time attacks of itching temporarily ceased, and further recur - misery takes a chronic course.
Especially painful senile pruritus that occur in persons older than 60 years, this itching is common. Sick legkovozvodimykh even go with depression, appears insomnia. As a result of microtraumas when the scratching and implementation stafilo - and streptococci can occur furuncles, carbuncles, and other pustular diseases that are difficult to heal.
Atopic dermatitis refers to a group neyrodermatozov. In childhood patients can detect signs of eczema, so-called dieticheskaya prurigo, or atopic dermatitis, that, essentially, is a special case of atopic dermatitis.

  • Chronic diffuse neirodermit
  • Urticaria