Necrosis of liver cells

Necrosis of liver cells - the highest expression of alternative dystrophic and necrobiotic processes. There are focal, submissive and massive necrosis. Focal necrosis cover a single cell or a small group. Under submissive necrosis mean the death of a significant part of liver cells scattered across the slice or with predominant localization in its center, which corresponds to the notion of "zonal necrosis. Massive necrosis means the loss of almost all the epithelium segments (E. N. Ter-Grigorova, 1950, 1960). The kernel of the victims of hepatocytes not painted. In the zone of necrosis found fragments of liver cells. Sometimes hepatocytes in the foci of necrosis missing and replaced cell infiltrates (Fig. 54). In some areas on the site of massive or re submissive necrosis reticular stroma liver, free of hepatocytes, Contracting - collaborate.

Fig. 54. Necrosis of liver cells.
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