Undisturbed (progressive) tubal pregnancy

To recognize undisturbed ectopic pregnancy in the early stages is very difficult, because it makes no characteristic symptoms, except those that are generally peculiar pregnancy. Only with the development of tubal pregnancy seem possible to determine the unilateral change of the shape and size of the pipe, not accompanied neither by increased body temperature, or other phenomena associated inflammatory process in the epididymis. Pregnant tube is usually on the side and slightly backwards from the uterus. Depending on the place of implantation of the fertilized eggs in a tube (interstitial, isthmic, or anularea pregnancy) changing topography and form pregnant tube. In some cases, tube closely adjacent to the uterus, in others, on the contrary, it is separate.
The size of the pipe education depends on the term of pregnancy. The uterus, as noted above, increases in size, but its growth is lagging behind the intended period of developing pregnancy. Unlike intrauterine for ectopic pregnancy uterus saves the form of a pear inherent in non-pregnant state, but it increases in size.
Typical intrauterine pregnancy symptom of Garvina - Hahara - softening of the cervix in the lower segment for ectopic - no. Dissected pregnant womb has the property to contract and uplotnaet during vaginal examination, which is not observed in the development of pregnancy in the fallopian tube.
If ectopic pregnancy uterus already in 5-6-th week of pregnancy ceases to grow in size, while the fertilized egg develops in the pipe, continues to grow and reaches to the end of the 12th week of the size of a goose egg.
The difficulty of diagnosis undisturbed ectopic pregnancy is often complicated by the fact that changes detected during feeling pipes may be old arise out of previously deferred inflammatory process.
Pregnant tube, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the tumor appendages. So with suspected ectopic pregnancy history of the patient should be paid especially great attention. Some estimated the value of the differential diagnosis data have blood tests. The method of cytological study PAP test, which is simple and available in a wide medical practice, as well as biological response Asheim - Condesa, only confirm the presence of pregnancy, but does not indicate the place of its development. Because of that, clinical examination and surveillance should be allocated first place. Suspected ectopic pregnancy a woman should be promptly placed in a hospital, where at any moment she may be provided surgical care.