How does the nervous system

We know already that the agreement together the work of all organs of the body, conducting the physiological ensemble, as well as the adaptation of the organism to changing conditions is performed by the nervous system. It is the headquarters of our body. Cells her highly possess the property of excitability, and therefore the first to feel any effects on the body, therefore change his life. After meeting with the performers of individual parties ensemble, performing a Symphony of life, we can now to talk more about his conductors nervous system and neurohumoral regulation of body functions.
It is well known that the nervous system consists of brain, located in the cavity of the skulland spinal cord, lying in a special channel of the spine, as well as from the mass of nerves emerging from the brain and spinal cord and representing as it Litz wires that connect the brain to all organs and tissues of our body. Chief, Department of higher nervous system is the so-called bark of the big hemispheres of the brain, or just bark of the brain. When you remove the lid of the skull and brain membranes before you immediately appears that surround the body, as with a cloak which puts the rest (very numerous) departments of a brain. Brains, which often say, when jokingly suggest: "Posively convolutions, think!" - established by the grooves on the surface of the crust.
As we already know, nervous tissue is built of cells, similar to spiders. Their dimensions, like other body cells, are void. Only in the big hemispheres of a brain there are about 50 billion When several hundreds of thousands of fibers of different cells come together, they form visible to the eye nerve trunks connecting the brain, as already mentioned, with all parts of the body. No matter how small the nerve cells, and their subtle processes going on in the composition of the nerves, have considerable length of 1 meter and more. So, one fiber runs from the cells of the spinal cord to toe from the cortex to the lumbar spine and so on
Long nerve cells that are part of the nerves, differ in that coated with special substances - Melina. Shell this, which gives the fibers white color, very important - it corresponds to the winding insulation of cables. Due to a layer Melina electrical signals going through the fiber, not being transferred to neighbouring fiber and only come to where they are addressed.