Spa treatment is of diseases of nervous system

Probably, not be a mistake to say that the majority of people going on vacation, expect first of all get rid of fatigue, to treat, so to say, "jesting" nerves. And this is natural. After all, on the basis of a nervous exhaustion can develop atherosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. The diseases of this kind are one of the largest groups among those faced by doctors-neurologists.
It goes without saying that the recommendations for selection of recreational and health resort treatment (if required) should be for each patient an individual: it is necessary to take into account the age, the nature of the disease, General physical Constitution. However, there are General rules that should be followed in most cases.
It is known that the treatment of patients with significant disorders of the cardiovascular system, suffering from atherosclerosis, hypertension, have been much more successful if the patient is in the usual climatic conditions, i.e. on the local Spa, in local motels. This is especially important for older people.
In addition to these, the local resorts have another benefit - they eliminate long, and, hence, exhausting journey from the place of rest, which sometimes brings to naught the results of treatment. Besides, on arriving home yesterday vacationist still take time for acclimatization: because, say, the return of the hot, spoiling climate of the South in severe Northern conditions are not always positive effect on the health.
However, even the right choice of the resort yet to determine the success of treatment. Success depends on whether the patient adheres to the health resort and individual treatment and rest. Spa physician may prescribe procedures, injections, but can not take care of the patient during the whole day. It all depends on you, from the desire to quickly recover. Those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is useful to be outdoors. But note, it should avoid hypothermia and overheating of the body. Useful reasonably dosed physical loading, while excessive sports harmful.
It is known that under the influence of two factors: a relaxing and quiet environment - often be reduced to normal blood pressure, to eliminate the pain in the heart, to normalize the rhythm of the heartbeat. So you need to avoid excessive noise, gambling.
Do not try to "swallow" for the vacation as much as possible, to see as many films, and it is unacceptable to see "nervous discharge" in the abuse of alcohol. Besides the fact that the latter may aggravate your underlying disease, it causes and alcohol polyneuritis.
A large group of patients are suffering from radiculitis. There is not enough without curative mud, radon, hydrogen sulphide and thermal waters, and when choosing a resort this circumstance plays a crucial role.
However, to use and mud, and water should skillfully. We should not be excessive initiative and to accept without the knowledge of the doctor so-called "wild baths". The success of treatment depends not on the number of procedures, and the correct their dosage.
The most preferable time of year to visit these resorts - summer, as a return to the cold climate after administration of thermal procedures may adversely affect the course of the disease.
The same recommendations can be given to those who suffer from diseases of the muscular-skeletal system. I would like to emphasize only the fact that too much haste in the desire for mobility, striving at all costs to overcome the weakness does not bring much benefit, how much harm. Muscles after an illness, of course, require vigorous recovery, but this activity should increase gradually.
And finally, the sick, which is really more important than just a few to calm the nervous system. First of all people suffering from neurosis, caused by fatigue, mental shock. In such cases it is useful climatic treatment in seaside resorts. But it is not always necessary. If the person is still relatively young and physically strong, it is better to go to a tourist trip, a trip by boat or bus.
So, what of the resorts I would recommend to those who have a need to consult your holidays at the doctor-neurologist?
Start with the famous Union. This, of course, Mineral Water. Here a relatively moderate temperatures, wonderful mountain air, diverse and healing mineral springs. Its radon baths is famous for Tskhaltubo, hydrosulphuric waters - Sochi-Matsesta, therapeutic mud resorts Riga seaside, in particular Kemeri, healthy air and climatic resorts of the Karelian isthmus.
And I still think that more should stop at local resorts, especially because of their special significance for patients neurologist noted above.
For example, the resort Staraya Russa, Novgorod region. There are a number of valuable therapeutic factors, including the beautiful mineral water, and plastic black silt mud, extracted from the bottom of lakes.
Khilovo, Pskov, too mud: sulphate-calcium, chloride-sulphate-calcium, lacustrine-spring and sapropel.
Both resorts are located in a picturesque area, where you can not only treatment, but also simply relax.
Treat silt mud and ferruginous water at the resort and Lipetsk. By the way, this is one of the oldest resorts of our country. During the reign of Peter I here have been opened so-called "badersee baths". According to Peter scientists, "to the health of the human body fit and sources Sergius mineral water resort in the Kuibyshev region.
More than 200 years ago there were known to locals sources oldest in Siberia resort Darasun, Chita region. It is located in the picturesque valley of the river Darasunsky and is surrounded by a chain of wooded hills, slopes, covered with Siberian pine and larch.
Exotic and the area where is located the resort of Issyk-Kul lake. My famous great grandfather of Peter Petrovich Semenov-Tyan-Shansky was compared lake Issyk-Kul with precious silver-mounted aquamarine snow-covered ridges". But I recommend it to you not only so, but rather because of the excellent climatic conditions for relaxation and treatment: a unique combination of sea and mountain air, bathing, plenty of sun, curative mud.
As I said, the resort is necessary not for everyone. In many cases, for amendment of the nervous system it is enough to relax in the village or in the country, in the countryside, where a lot of sun, air, green space. The area of the Luga coast of Oka, the forests of Belarus - there are all sorts of great places without special treatment can improve their health, to receive a charge of vivacity.
The main thing to remember: calm, quiet, strict daily regime is the best and most loyal healers.
                                                             In. A. Semenov-Tian-Shansky
doctor of medical Sciences, Professor