Accidents from atmospheric electricity

Accidents from atmospheric electricity, lightning is quite a common occurrence. People suffer in the woods, in an open field or the room, a man, if he is in a storm, talking on the phone (especially in a countryside), watching a TV program is close wiring. Lightning, electricity, always go to Windows Explorer with less resistance. The man standing under a tree, on which struck by lightning, will be affected by it because it is a better conductor than a tree. In casualties from lightning occur same pathological reactions, as in patients with electric shock. They expressed changes to all parts of the nervous system. On the skin are often marked signs of lightning.
First aid and treatment of such patients do not differ from the treatment of patients with electric shock. It is strictly forbidden struck by lightning when providing first aid to dig into the ground. The fight against this still widespread prejudice should be in the order of sanitary-educational work.
About 80% of all accidents from electricity occurs when SPST contacts with live parts. Dangerous to humans electrical circuit occurs most often through the floor. This is why reliable insulating floor reduces the risk of electric shock. Reliability of operation of electric equipment depends first of all on state of the insulation of current-carrying parts. Damage to the insulation is the main source of accidents and the cause of many accidents.