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Admit that many phrases and expressions in the story about Daria Romanovoi confusing. As it should be, even though half a century ago indicated they phenomenon was still part of the life of any Russian village. Will try to resurrect the recent past.
One of the witnesses on the case of damage to gosudaryni trail passed the master-gold-seamstress Praskovya Colonic. Praskovya severely beat her husband. She has shared his grief with her friends, the ones took her by the Moscow river to Nastasia. The astrologer asked me to bring her white, salt, soap and told them, posetila over whitewash, over the salt and soap known her spell. "As soon soap to face lean, " said Nastasia, as soon husband wife will love. And the shirt, what is on the body is white, so would the husband was light".
Salt should be refilled food, soap to wash there was her husband's clothes, and white to RUB it in the face. It was considered that, zagovornye, they will have a positive effect. And Nastasia and those who came to her for help, believed that the action contained in the words, should produce the same effect in practice. And defendants and victims, in this case, the Royal family, believed that it was possible to speak of a person, unless the outlines its footprint to take out the land, to dry by the fire, and after attributed to the cemetery. Broken man "dries", and if its footprint to throw into the water, he will fall ill with dropsy. But first the earth removed from the track, you have to speak, to give her powerful properties using words.
It is a very ancient faith in the power of the word as being the living material. The word cure, words hurt. All the conspiracies, whispering from the practice of urban and village medicine men in all times were based on the power of the word, the power of suggestion. Not care for what to whisper - water, salt, kvass, turpentine, bread, clothes or signs on the road. This subject could be home SOR. In the book of the Kamenetz magistrate for the year 1731 preserved the complaint of the citizen of Leoncio on his neighbor'kevich. Leonchyk argued that neighbor threw the dirt on it, Leoncio, the yard to cause harm witchcraft. City magistrate, examining the case, attracted'kevich to a fine in favor of the neighbour and, as we would say now, strictly warned him "not to wash dirty linen in public".
Learn familiar turnover, which we still use today?
And what is a "lessons wash", "frogs to talk"? Naturally, for school the lessons of direct relations have not. The origin they have a completely different world of superstition.
"Lessons" was the title of the cause from the action of evil, not an hour of the spoken words and even evil laughter. If a person sudden fever, or strong head ache, or suddenly leg will sanoat, it means that someone "Aberotel" and the need to oppose this evil power of the conspiracy. It was believed that every person in day has its own evil hour (that's how far flew Babylonian astrology about the division of the day on a happy and unhappy hours!)
Especially needed oborudivanie babies. Tinnitus mother is from cry baby, he poured cry from morning till night, not from him peace in the house. Vorojeikin in this case there are several ways. You can take lessons from a baby with water. When heated bath, takes vorozheska bucket of water and splash it on the stove, heater and bottom again picks up streams bucket. This is done three times. This water baby wash over and give her a drink, saying: "As the exemplary mother dries up and gets burnt and servant of God Podyji and Podgora".
And what "Podyji" and "Podgora"? This is the fortune teller doesn't know and can't. At the same time leaving her patients home and take this child quieted. Not helped the water, then it is the will of God, is applicable to a different tool, will try the conspiracy at the dawn.
Early morning, when dawn will seem to take the fortune teller baby, patristic it three times and say, "dawn Marja, dawn Darya, dawn Marianne, take the cry of an infant Albanian, day, hour, half-hour, take you into the dark forest, steep mountains".
It used to twelve dawns continued taking lessons from a particularly intractable babies. And if this kind of treatment did not help, in stock at the healer was still peretekanie, too, quite a venerable age-way medical care when the disease seemed to be transmitted to the animal.
Baby and puppy tied together to the bread-shovel, shoved in a warm oven and there alternately beat him with a rod: one or the other.
It was believed that a small child who "did not Topeka" in the mother's body, will do it in the stove, passing along their hvoroba puppy.
Such an animal in the house no longer held. It drove themselves and tried to avoid stray cats or dogs: they could sit strange diseases.
And "frogs to expel" meant to cure diseases of the throat. It was believed that they can take fright, for which two fingers of the right hand was choking mole or a toad, and then these fingers held on the sides of the neck of the child. To enhance the therapeutic action gave him to drink water, missed three times through the hole at the end of wagon axles, where to insert the check.
Another told Nastasia and her companions-a witch, as "sweep together they pots on the stomach." These actions were taken as the only remedy hernia when the internal organs or deep tissue man go out of their cavities under the skin. In everyday life it was called "Gris"or "disease from the stiffness, because often the most common option - abdominal hernia was the result of extremely heavy physical labor.
To correct a hernia, hot pot, like the huge medical Bank, drew, was amityvale on the umbilical ring patient. I must say that this simple practice used not without success, except those cases, when nevprawima hernia and can only help the operation.
Then people seemed own destiny.
And where was to go patients Nastasia, Uljanki blind, Donici?
Not in the hospital to go. They are not even in the capital of Moscow.
It remains to clarify one detail: what happened to the gold-seamstress-Praskovia Colonic who have received a witch zagovornye salt, soap and white? In the investigative document preserved the answer to this question. Sol she put in food, white was RUB in your face, went out into the yard, and her husband then her and broke...
That's just soap to use it by the time did not have time.