Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease characterized primarily arising itching and skin changes. Itching usually very intense and painful for the patient, occurs attacks usually at night. There are limited and diffuse neirodermit.
Limited atopic dermatitis is usually observed in adults, more often in men, his appearance is associated with disorders of the nervous system, metabolism, and also with diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver. The process is localized usually in the neck, in the neck, in the popliteal depressions, elbow, inner thighs, the scrotum. Lesions often are oval, in them there are three zones: the outer area of pigmentation, medium-papular, consisting of melkozerova rash pink, grayish or yellowish color, and the internal zone lichenification, where the skin is thickened due to infiltration, has rough terrain and grayish color. In some cases, may be just one or two areas. The lesions that generally dry (no weeping).
Diffuse neirodermit - a disease of the nervous-allergic nature, is often observed in several family members and sometimes combined with bronchial asthma, hay fever, allergic rhinitis. The disease can begin at any age.
On the skin appear small shiny flat bundles, it becomes dry, infiltrated, lichenification. The process is localized in the extremities, in the rear passage and genital organs, less often on the skin of the trunk and face, sometimes affect a whole skin. Intense itching of the skin. Often atopic dermatitis begins in childhood, as if continuing the children of eczemaand localize in such cases on the face, chest, elbow and knee bends, wrist (atopic dermatitis), celebrated white dermographism, skin lesion can be combined with juvenile cataracts syndrome Endoscope. For neurodermatitis long-term improvement in the summer.
Treatment: a thorough examination of the patient to determine the cause of the disease; designate a dairy-vegetarian diet, prohibit spicy, salty, and spicy food, alcohol. Inside - bromine products, vitamins B1, B6, B12 a day, the course of 10-15 injection; concentrate of vitamin a 5 drops 3 times a day; drugs calcium (calcium gluconate inside of 0.5 g 3 times a day or intravenous 10% solution of calcium chloride 10 ml 10 injections); antihistamines three times a day (Dimedrol, suprastin, pipolfen); with resistant forms of diffuse neirodermit - corticosteroids by a doctor. Useful physiotherapy: reflex diathermy, iontophoresis with calcium or Dimedrol, zonal ultraviolet irradiation, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide baths, sea bathing, sanatorium treatment in the resorts (Matsesta, Pyatigorsk, Sernovodsk). In some cases, limited neurodermatitis use local x-ray irradiation and Bucky tray-rays.
External appointed ointments and pastes with drugs Naftalan oil (10%), tar (5-10%), sulfur (5 - 10%), while painful irritation in the structure of ointments includes benzocaine (10%), menthol (2%), carbolic acid (4%); effective corticosteroid ointment - prednizolonovuyu, oksikort, lookeren.
Prevention - dispensary observation of children suffering from exudative diathesis, timely treatment of the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and endocrine disorders. To prevent worsening of atopic dermatitis observe food and hygienic mode. For patients establish clinical supervision.

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