Neuroglia structural component of nerve tissue that surrounds the nerve cell and do not possess the ability to conduct nerve impulses. Neuroglia performs a number of functions that provide normal activity of neurons. In glial cell has distinguish makroglou, the microglia and oligodendroglia.
Part of microglia includes astroglia, oligodendroglia and ependyma. Astroglia built of stellate cells called astrocytes, performing trophic and support function. Their processes form the network loops which are neurons.
End the process of astrocytes come to the blood vessels, isolating them from neurons. Ependyma glia is lined with the Central canal of the spinal cord and the cavity of the cerebral ventricles. Oligodendroglia built of cells, oligodendrocytes, which have weak branching processes. Oligodendrocytes secrete myelin, participate in the trophic neurons that are relevant to water metabolism nervous tissue. Microglia represented by microglial - cells with a short prongs, which are small growths. Microglial cells perform phagocytic function.