Neuroleptic drugs

Neuroleptic drugs (synonym: neurologiske tools that large tranquilizers) - substances that eliminates the symptoms of psychosis (delusions, hallucinations) and cause a kind of soothing effect.
Among antipsychotic means the most widely derivatives fenotiazina - chlorpromazine, (see), maasin (see), propazin (see), triftazin (see), etaperazin (see), rauwolfia alkaloids - reserpine (see) and others; derivatives butyrophenones - haloperidol, droperidol. Neuroleptic drugs can eliminate the feeling of fear, anxiety, emotional tension, anxiety, aggressiveness.
Neuroleptic drugs enhance the effect of drugs, hypnotics, analgesic and anesthetic substances have antiemetic effect, reduces motor activity and cause skeletal muscle relaxation. Many of neuroleptic drugs have hypothermic effect, have adrenolytic, holinoliticescoe, inflammatory and anti-histamine properties, cause lowering blood pressure. The effect on the autonomic function in most pronounced aminazina, and reserpine, the triftazin and haloperidol these qualities are insignificant.
Most often neuroleptic drugs used for treatment of various mental disorders (schizophrenia, manic phase circular psychosis, state of agitation, senilny, presenilny and alcoholic psychosis, mental illness, accompanied by excitement, fear, insomnia, tension). Neuroleptic drugs used in surgery in preparation for surgery as sedatives, to enhance the action of narcotic analgesic substances, as antishock funds; in therapy for the treatment of hypertension (rezerpin), as well as soothing and antiemetics with x - ray and chemotherapy of malignant tumors; in obstetrics for the treatment of toxicoses of pregnancy; in dermatology - skin irritation.
When applying neuroleptic funds may be side effects: extrapyramidal disorders (parkinsonism), depressive state. Derivatives fenotiazina can also cause changes in the blood (lakopenia, agranulozitos), abnormal liver function, allergic reactions. If you have side effects reduce the dose or cancel neuroleptic drugs; with symptoms of parkinsonism appoint trihexyphenidyl and other means. For deducing of depression is prescribed psychostimulants - meridel (see), perhidrol (see), amphetamine (see). In case of hypotension, resulting from the use of chlorpromazine, do not use epinephrine (pressure may be reduced even more), you should enter mezaton or norepinephrine.
Neuroleptic drugs contraindicated with poison control, drugs and analgesics. Derivatives fenotiazina should not be used in diseases of the liver and kidney, changes in the blood.