Controversial sex state

Reproductive and productive capacity. A study of sexual ability of women consists of determining the possibility of sexual intercourse and conception. This relatively rare examination occurs in cases of divorce, in cases of allegations women (not able to conceive) in the kidnapping of the child, and when determining the severity of injuries, if they were accompanied by the loss of productive capacity.
The impossibility of having women can be observed in cases of genital organs (short vagina, aplasia or atresia, congenital or acquired narrowing, tumors), and also due to vaginismus - reflex tonic spasm of the muscles of the vagina and the pelvic floor. The inability to conceive may be associated with age, when the function of the female gonads developed or, on the contrary, have ceased, and also due to gynecological diseases (endometritis, uterine tumors, the correct position of her, atresia of the uterus and others), hormonal changes, chronic infections, poisoning, radiation effects, etc. For judgments about the sterility of women of great importance medical records and patient examination. In divorce cases, you need to examine and husband surveyed women.
Examination of the ability of men to sex life consists of establishing the possibility of copulation and reproduction. This kind of expertise is carried out in most cases, sexual abuse, when considering divorce cases and claims for disputed paternity, as well as for qualification of injuries resulting in lost productive capacity. The inability to have sexual intercourse with men may be due to anatomical defects of the external genital organs, preventing the introduction of the penis into the vagina, a severe and debilitating diseases (diabetes, cancer and others). A significant impact on sexual function have injuries and diseases of the CNS, sex organs, glands of internal secretion. The importance of the establishment of the surveyed person sexually transmitted diseases in which there may be a defeat of the sex glands. In the development of sexual weakness have the value of harmful habits (alcohol, Smoking) and occupational hazards. Along with organic impotence is often stated so-called functional sexual weakness, due to neurotic reactions.
The failure of fertilization may be due to absence of sperm in the ejaculate or unviable. Among the circumstances preventing fertilization, are malformations of the testicles, their absence and various diseases or poisoning (such as lead, arsenic), the effect of x-rays and radioactive radiation, scarring after inflammatory processes in the epididymis and VAS ducts.
During the medical examination of persons of male sex observe General physical development, anthropometric indicators, the severity of secondary sexual characteristics, the development of the genital organs, pay attention to the manifestation of diseases of nervous system, endocrine glands, exploring the ejaculate. Important is the analysis of medical documents about the treatment witness an endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist. If necessary, it is sent for consultation to these specialists.
Pregnancy. The need for expertise pregnancy occurs in cases of disputed paternity, rape, in cases simulation of pregnancy, and when determining the severity of injuries. In forensics solution of the question of diagnostics of pregnancy has specific features and difficulties compared with the General obstetric practice. So, ill information reported by the woman may contain incomplete and sometimes deliberately distorted data (for example, by simulation or concealment of pregnancy) .
The establishment of pregnancy in the early stages is possible only by data of which are particularly important in this period of hormonal and biological reactions. In the later stages of pregnancy, when there is it credible signs, expert and midwifery practice the same.