As already mentioned, for neurasthenia has increased mental and physical fatigue, irritability, impairment of memory and attention, no feeling of vivacity and freshness, especially after sleep, somatovegetativee violations. Patofiziologicakih these phenomena should be considered as a sign of weakness active braking and rapid depletion of the excitatory process.
Objectives of the practice of medical physical culture are training process active braking, restoration and arrangement of the excitatory process. Therapeutic gymnastics (in addition to the required morning hygienic gymnastics) should be carried out in the morning. The duration and the number of exercises must first be minimal and grow very slowly.
With most debilitated patients, it is recommended for the first few days to start with the overall 10-minute massage, passive movements lying in bed or sitting. The duration of the subsequent lessons-15-20 minutes Then it gradually brought up to 30-40 minutes Starting from the 5-7th lesson to lesson introduce elements of the game (including with the ball), and in winter - skiing.
Due to the abundance somatovegetativee violations in patients require their prior psychotherapeutic training. During the training the trainer should take into account possible painful feelings (heart beat, dizziness, shortness of breath) and to adjust the Load so that the patient did not get tired, so he had the opportunity, without any hesitation to stop the exercise and relax. However, there's more to involve him in classes, to increase the interest due to the diversity of exercises and methods of training.
An important element of practice should be music. It is recommended that the music was soothing, moderate and slow tempo, combining major and minor sound. This music plays the role of a medical factor.