Neuritis of the facial nerve

Neuritis of the facial nerve is found among athletes relatively rare. The most frequent cause of damage to the facial nerve is a tumor in a narrow channel at the expense of edema and vascular disorders that occur as a result of local cooling, viral infection. We watched the cyclist, who paresis of the facial nerve developed within a few hours after it within 1 hour continued the race in the pouring slanting rain. The main symptom of the clinical picture neuritis is often paresis or, less frequently, paralysis of the facial muscles of the corresponding part of the face. His mouth tightened in a healthy way, nasolabial fold on the side of paresis smoothed, the patient can't blow out the flame of a match, whistle, nakormit forehead on the patient side, eyes fully closed, sometimes violated taste on the affected side. With the defeat of the facial nerve no discomfort with the exception of a small area in the parotid region (zone intermediate nerve). Pain is defined in the mastoid (in place of an exit of the facial nerve) and is caused by swelling of the neurovascular bundle and squeeze it into the channel of the facial nerve.
In mild cases neuritis of the facial nerve in 4-5 weeks pass and functions of the facial muscles recover. However, as a rule, the disease of the facial nerve cured with difficulty, and restore function is slow. It is advisable to immediately appoint corticosteroids (prednisone and others) to eliminate swelling of the nerve, and to remove vascular spasm to do injections of 1 % solution of nicotinic acid or 0.05 % solution prozerina. 10 days after onset of the disease can be assigned massage, electro-stimulation, acupuncture, blockade novocaine starry host. In the acute period of the disease, the athlete shall be exempt from training and competition. In subsequent training permitted in the autumn-winter period in closed rooms without draughts up to complete recovery. Prevention of diseases is reduced to the hardening of the body, timely treatment Angin, flu and other infections.