Neuritis of the facial nerve

Neuritis of the facial nerve clinically evident asymmetry of facial muscles (in connection with paresis or paralysis of the facial muscles), paretic side gets loose, limp, broken blinking eyelids, is not fully closed eyes, nasolabial fold on the affected side smoothed the corner of his mouth lowered and will pull in the healthy side, lip on the affected side is missing, speech becomes slurred, the patient can not nakormit forehead, knitting his brows, marked loss of taste, watering and involuntary, biting her cheeks with the affected side. With neuritis of the facial nerve develop complications: contracture in paralyzed muscle (therefore goes deep nasolabial fold with the affected side and narrowed eye slit), friendly movement (synkinesia) - involuntary pulling the corner of her mouth when you try to close your eyes on the same side, or, conversely, involuntary closing of the eyes when lifted the corner of his mouth. Depending on the depth of the defeat neuritis of the facial nerve lasts from 2 weeks to several months and not always ends on a full recovery.

neuritis of the facial nerve LFC
Fig. 47. Treatment: drawing attention of the muscles of the left (healthy) half of the face and right circular muscles

Treatment of facial neuritis comprehensive treatment of the situation - the imposition of leykoplastyrb bandage on the face (Fig. 47), the early appointment of medical physical culture, training arbitrary muscle relaxation, diversified and isolated voltage of certain muscles, arbitrary mimic the reduction of two or more muscles, massage and self-massage, physiotherapy, medical treatment.
Medical gymnastics with neuritis of the facial nerve is based on the General principles of medical physical culture and aimed at stimulating the restoration and compensation of facial movement disorders. The muscles healthy side of the face leads to constant tension and further weakening of paretic muscles, so need some fixing the plaster muscles healthy side by pulling them in the direction of paretic muscles. It facilitates the chewing of food, prevents the liquid from the mouth and improves it. Leykoplastyrb mask overlaid on 1,5 h in the first month and 3.5-5 hours later time, 3-4 times a day. In the intervals between imposition leykoplastyrb mask classes physiotherapy (the mirror), massage and physiotherapy (galvanization cathode where the nerve, Solux, diathermy and other procedures that contribute to improved nutrition of tissues and increase the conductivity of the struck nerve). With neuritis of the facial nerve recommended the following activity: lifting, lowering, information, raising of the eyebrows, the inflation cheeks without resistance and pressure on her, closing and opening his eyes, folding lips, how to whistle, and blowing the air, the protrusion of the tongue, and rotate them between her lips and affected cheek, escalivada teeth, the nomination of the lower jaw forward, shifting it towards paretic muscles, etc. When performing active movements should help your finger on the affected side (to tighten the lid, the corner of his mouth, and others). Special exercises are conducted on the background of General developmental and breathing exercises.
To combat facial asymmetry is recommended to sleep on the side of the affected party; chew on the two sides to sit for 10-15 minutes several times a day, bowing his head in the affected side, supporting her with his hand based on his elbow; tighten the muscles with a healthy side in the affected - bottom - up-using handkerchief to pronounce sounds About, And, As, P, f, R, V, U, W, sing.