The ulnar nerve neuritis

The clinical picture of the ulnar nerve neuritis: brush hangs, no supination of the forearm, disturbed function of the interosseous vermiform muscles of the hand, and therefore fingers kohtaamaan bent - dropped the brush, and the patient is unable to take and hold objects. Is quick atrophy intercostals muscles of the fingers and muscles of the palm side of the little finger; noted peremeshivanie main phalanges, bending, medium and nail phalanxes; it is not possible abstraction and bringing fingers. In this situation happen stretching the muscles erector arm, and the contractions of the muscles, bending brush. Therefore, from the first hours of the defeat of the ulnar nerve at the wrist and forearm is imposed special Paris splint is placed. Brush attached to the position of the possible extension in the wrist joint, and the fingers bent position, forearm and hand hung on the headscarf in state flexion of the elbow angle of 80 degrees on average physiological position.
Therapeutic physical training is appointed for a 2-day overlap fixed bandages. From the first days in the absence of active movements begin passive gymnastics, gymnastics in water, massages, and as active - active gymnastics. There are electrical stimulation of muscles innervated by the ulnar nerve, physical therapy and medication. When active movements included elements of occupational therapy, modeling from plasticine, clay, and training in grasping small objects: matches, nails, peas and other