Neuritis of the median nerve

Neuritis of the median nerve is accompanied by acute pain, lack of pronation and movements in the middle and end phalanges of the 4th and 5th fingers, disorders of sensitivity, trophic and vasomotor disorders (sweating palms); the thumb folded, he brought to the index finger and is in the position of a sharp improvement in the back - monkey brush, affects the flexor brush, comes atrophy of the muscles of hands, there is no bending of the index finger, and it is difficult to hold small items. When the median nerve neuritis impose Paris splint is placed supporting bent in metacarpophalangeal joints brush; designate active and passive exercises with the study of each phalanges in all directions (no pain), as well as massages, not only as a separate procedure (massaged his fingers brush, forearm), but also during physiotherapy sessions. After a physiotherapeutic procedures, especially electrostimulation, therapeutic exercises carried out in 2 hours the Method of therapeutic exercises in the water and medication is the same as when the ulnar nerve neuritis.