Neurosurgery wins

Is it possible to completely cure and restore the working ability of the patient, who has a brain tumor? Probably many readers, if they ask this question, I will answer that it is impossible. It would seem that the tumor, damaging and destroying brain tissue, should lead to irreversible, permanent violations of important functions. It is known that the most highly organized and very sensitive to any harmful effects of nerve cells (neurons) are not capable of reproduction and death of them cannot be replaced. They differ from other, less valuable to the body cells, such as connective tissue cells.
Nevertheless, on the basis of the extensive experience of the Institute of neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko where many thousands of operations of removal of brain tumors, can definitely answer this question. Yes, in most cases, a surgery may not only save life of a patient, but also to restore him to his ability to work. Of course, if it is done in a timely manner when the disease has not gone too far.
Although it seems at first sight paradoxical, but even after the destruction of large parts of the brain can occur not only the recovery of the sick, but full recovery of the most important functions of the body - movement, sensation, balance of the body, vision and hearing. Neurosurgeons daily personally see this is a truly remarkable property called plasticity of the nervous system, its ability to compensation and recovery of previously impaired functions. In-depth study of the problem of recovery of functions was initiated by the great physiologist academician I. p. Pavlov and successfully continued by his students by professors P. K. Anokhin and E. A. Hasratyan. Examples of this could be a lot, but the scope is limited.
About ten years ago, member of the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR Professor B. G. Egorov operated young man, violinist by profession. The patient had a large tumor, which destroyed one of the hemispheres of the brain. On the operation, the tumor was radically removed.
As is known, the cerebellum is a very important Department of a brain, managing thin coordination and balance the body. It would seem that after such operation subtlety and coordination of the movements of the hands, which the patient has been severely disrupted, is not restored. And if they do that was not in such degree, as required by the violinist. However, within six months after the operation, the musician once again took up the violin. Since then it has been nearly ten years. All these years he played in the orchestra of one of the Moscow theatres. And plays are not worse than before surgery.
Another example. In the Institute of neurosurgery in a critical condition was taken ill O., scientific worker. In the result of the inflammatory process he has acute development of hydrocephalus. Rapid accumulation of fluid in the ventricles and the resulting sharp compression of the brain led to the violation of a number of important functions and, in particular, to severe mental disorders. Professor L. A. Koreisha did the patient complicated operation. Its essence consists in the following. On the base of the brain, where the surgeon gets gradually pushing the frontal lobe -- the small skin incision thinning of the wall of the third ventricle. This creates a new, artificial way for the outflow of cranial fluid from the system of the ventricles. After the operation the patient quickly vanished all severe disorders. Two years later he successfully defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of philological Sciences. Then he wrote his doctoral thesis. Now it is practically healthy persons.
Not less striking and interesting examples quick and full recovery of spinal cord injury. A few years ago, the Institute has brought the patient, which during the two months has developed a complete paralysis of both legs. Young, strong man, drill officer, became a heavy disability, seemingly forever chained to the bed. Careful multilateral research has allowed to establish the exact diagnosis of the tumor thoracic section of the spinal cord.
The surgeon made an opening in the spinal canal and completely removed the small tumor that has sharply squeezed to the spinal cord. Since then, the several years passed. Now it is a completely healthy person.

* * *
In his time Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin said wonderful words: "the Most valuable thing we have, the main wealth of our country are our Soviet people. Therefore the preservation of health of people, their health is one of the most noble activities".
Modern neurosurgery, like all Soviet medicine, has achieved many outstanding success. However, she still have to solve many complex and fascinating problems. On this and will focus the creative efforts of the Soviet neurosurgeons in the coming years.

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