Nikandra visaliovigra

Nikandra visaliovigra - Nicandra physaloides (l.) Gaertn.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
nikandra visaliovigra
Annual grassy plant in height 40-50 see the taproot. The stem is erect, the flat from the Foundation. Along the entire length of the stem there are two longitudinal convex strips. Leaves large, regular, thin, oval or ovoid, collected in a whorl (4-5 pieces) in the upper part of the stem, petiole, not deeply emarginate on the edge. Flowers large, bluish, single sitting in axils of stem. The Cup of their vzdutoplodnica, pale green, five-sided. Fruits, closed five leaves are small spherical polyspermous box.
Blossoms in July, bears fruit in August. The growing season is short - 120-130 days.
It is unpretentious in growing.
Rodina - South America. Distributed in the European part of the USSR, the Caucasus, Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, far East.
Contain a bitter substance Nikander, alkaloids. Water decoction is used in diseases of the heart, as diuretic - at diseases of kidneys and urinary bladder. Fruits are used as a diuretic at diseases of kidneys, gall-bladder.