Nigella damascena

Nigella damascenaNigella damascena - Nigella damascena L.
Family Ranunculaceae - Ranunculaceae Juss.
Grassy plant in height of 30-50 see the Name given for a velvet-black seeds. The stem is slightly curved, green, rounded. The root is stalky, with small lateral roots. Leaves alternate, almost sessile, at the base poliomyelite stalk. Cloves sheet uzkolinejnye, the top subulate pointed. Flowers are solitary at the ends of the stems and lateral branchlets, pale yellow, blue, white, purple. Petals (10-20) available, pistils much. The fruit is a capsule. Seeds sprout at 12-14 day, together. The plant blossoms in mid-July. Bears fruit in late July. Undemanding to soils, drought-resistant.
Seeds contain alkaloid damascening and to 0.5% of essential oil with the smell of strawberries, vitamin that is Used in food industry as a spice. In high doses - drug. Extract from the seeds is used in homeopathy.
Motherland - The Mediterranean. In culture it is distributed in Europe, Asia Minor, India.