Can I be angry with the child if he sees the bad or has a fever? No, impossible! But children suffering from night, and sometimes daily urinary incontinence, often cause irritation in adults and discontent. Moreover, children are sometimes punished, beaten, left naked, begin to shame in the presence of other children, are forced to prewash linen, carry on drying mattresses and even deprived of food. And so do not only parents, but some workers of children's institutions.
Incontinence should be viewed as a disease similar to any morbid condition, and accordingly to relate to this suffering. Causes of urinary incontinence, many birth defects of the spine malformation of the urinary bladder, characterized by weakness of the muscles, the disease of kidneys, liver, the presence of worms, injuries, infections, diseases of a nasopharynx, etc. Want to dwell on the reasons that are easily disposable and almost always depend on us, namely: according to statistics, 78% of children are experiencing urinary incontinence, suffered mental trauma in the form of sudden severe shock or a child in a family where the constant quarrels between parents Deplete his nervous system. Of course, matters and upbringing of the child and his General condition.
From 9-10-th month of the child should define a conditional reflex neatness, i.e. it is necessary to put on a pot in the same hours, considering that the child during the second half wets per night for 2 times. Planting is recommended to accompany words; gradually the child becomes accustomed to suppress spontaneous desires and he produced a certain conditional reflex urination, where the view of the pot, and the time factor is the major irritants. Conditioned reflexes usually without much difficulty, if the child is growing and developing normally, but if this process is beginning to join any harmful effects that weaken the nervous system, skill neatness is produced with difficulty, and the feeble-minded children with immature cerebral cortex he is not produced throughout life.
Anxiously looking around, walked five-year-old Sasha. Despite the cold weather, he was in a light blue riding breeches and stockings, down to half. Sandaliki it was worn on the contrary: the left on the right leg. My question is, why is it so easy dressed, nurse from the kindergarten, which led the child to the Cabinet, said that he does not have time to change clothes because of incontinence. Sasha almost never answered my questions in his eyes was frightened and brooding expression. He kept asking me if he could go to the group - he was afraid of everything new. How smooth was the life of Sasha? Sasha's parents got married very young, and after the birth of the boy's father was taken to the army, and his mother went to work, leaving him in a manger. Then Sasha's mother, not thinking about the baby, had married a second time, and her new husband had two daughters. Their life consisted of frequent scandals. Stepfather beat Sasha. "He beat me in the eyes, that I soon fell asleep," said Sasha. Mother made it! However, when I examined Sasha, he has already lived with my father, who, having returned from the army, took the boy, but there was a stepmother, who is also his hurt. I decided not to ask the child whether he wants to see his mother since he was afraid to hurt his little heart, but the head of the kindergarten told me that the boy often long standing on the porch and looks at the gate, no doubt expecting mother. Prolonged mental trauma weakened nervous system of the child and suffered the youngest in the development process, so less strong function. The life of Sasha was so heavy that, of course, no one tried to develop a reflex tidiness the boy.
Bedwetting was observed and at six-year-old Jeanne, and the five-year Gali, and a number of other patients, and all exhibited dysfunctional life: in Gali - father is an alcoholic, he was systematically beaten mother and the girl; Zhanna father died, the girl took hard this loss is a disease she started in this regard. And such examples are numerous.
Treatment of bedwetting should start with his warnings, so from the first days of birth should be a regime of sleep, food, walking, hygiene. Treatment consists of a variety of methods: medical and tonic (application baths, electroprocedure, massage, gymnastics).
Good results we have achieved in the following way: after a thorough examination of the child was prescribed comprehensive treatment, consisting of the right medications, reinforcing his nervous system and all organism as a whole; treatment with a special diet, suggested by Professor N. I. Krasnogorsk with observance of the water regime, as well as a suggestion. In the literature there are indications that by verbal suggestion in hypnosis you can change the internal organs ("Essays on the pathophysiology of higher nervous activity", written by Professor A. G. Ivanov-Smolensky), and "the word can be made conditional stimulus and when it is pronounced by the doctor, and when he pronounces himself sick." Etc., Simeon recommended so to treat the word: "when the child is still not deeply asleep, the mother said several times: you will feel at night that you want to urinate, get up and help", and if it's a schoolboy, he must himself before going to sleep to repeat the phrase.
Here is what writes the mother of one patient, girls 10 years, suffering from nocturnal enuresis: "All your instructions Olga and with precision. In the first week of treatment is 1-2 times "trouble" yet it happened, and in the following night up to the present time (2 months) are completely dry. Dinner she gets dry, with a limited amount of salt (6-7 PM). No cheese or vegetables that contain a lot of moisture, dinner will not give. When she is in bed, give her a sandwich with herring, caviar and cheese, and sometimes just with salt (3-7 grams of salt). Medications 1.5 months to give stopped. Now she stopped talking to himself those phrases before sleep that you recommended". Instead of salt, as recommended B. N. Kudryavtsev and S. I. Aronova, give half a Cup of tea with 50 grams of sugar.
Very often, parents are asked whether you want to Wake the baby at night. Yes, to put the child on the potty always at one and the same time with 9-10 months and up to 3-5 years should, if it has not yet developed a reflex revival, but after this age, most doctors believes that Wake the child cannot. This is not always protect against the disease, and the child is soon wet and, in addition, on the basis of units that sleep has a conservative value for the nervous system, we, interrupting sleep, undisturbed rest of nerve cells and contribute to the further weakening of an already weakened nervous system of the child. Wake the child is not because the child falling asleep, will rely on the fact that his Wake, and he will not be produced "point guard", which leaves the cerebral cortex in the state of alertness to the stimuli coming from the bladder. You can first try to start at a certain hour service. It is recommended to lift the foot of the bed, so that collects the urine was detained at the bottom of the bladder or irritated internal sphincter, should wrap up warm the legs of the child and to tempering of the organism. And, of course, the success of the treatment depends on the surrounding child's situation. These kids need a sensitive, affectionate and careful attention They need to hear that it is a painful rejection curable that to be ashamed don't need and what you want to patiently to treat.