Before you article on the topic of nightmares. The main points that paid attention to the essence of nightmares (which they are), the main causes nightmares, sleep phase and as nightmares associated with them, should I see a doctor and when to do it, complications nightmares, tips for children and adults.

Essentially nightmares - it dreams accompanied by negative disturbing sensations, in particular fear. In most cases, nightmares usually disturb children to 11-13 years. But not rare examples where nightmares haunt of adults and continue throughout life, regardless of age.

According to the observations of psychiatrists, both boys and girls, prone to nightmares is the same. But only up to 13 years. After 13 years old boys nightmares much less frequently than girls. Nightmares are quite realistic. And people are often upset about this. But these experiences in vain. With the exception of cases when the nightmares regularly. This may be evidence of a mental disorder or physiological disorders. Let's deal with the causes nightmares, to understand their nature and be able to prevent or at least to explain their appearance for themselves.

The main causes nightmares

1. Strong or regular stress. Even the most ordinary stress on the household level, at work or school may cause nightmares. A tangible difference in the lives aimed at the negative side, give the same effect, and sometimes much stronger.

2. Injuries. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) may result in nightmares. Especially if it occurred on the background of car accidents, plane crashes, natural disasters, and so on. Often this may require the intervention of specialists in the field of psychology.

3. Horror movies and mystical books. Watching scary movies and reading books, especially impressionable people, is one of the most frequent reasons why these people see nightmares. And if you look, for example, a horror movie before going to sleep, even mentally stable person will ever be a nightmare. This is because the brain during certain phases of sleep treats information received during the day. This information can be restored in pictures, which sees the sleeping people.

4. Overeating. An interesting fact is that among the causes nightmares costs and overeating, especially before bedtime. Here involved a complicated biochemical processes that are simple language can be explained as follows: digestion, stimulates the work of brain, including those areas that affect our dreams.

5. The disease. The risk of various sleep disorders increases if the person is ill, and he is even greater when the disease is accompanied febrile syndrome. Nightmares - one of such violations.

6. The medication. Some drugs in his Arsenal side effects have and sleep disorders that may manifest, as already mentioned, in the form of nightmares. As a rule, after the drug that led to such consequences, the nightmares are by themselves.

7. Alcohol and narcotic substances. Not only the abuse, but small doses of drugs or alcohol, often lead to psychic disorders and nightmares!

Night sleep has its phases. They are replaced per night several times. Nightmares occur, as a rule, in that phase, which is characterized by rapid movement of the eyeballs. This phase with each change becomes longer. In the beginning a few seconds, and at the end of the night - about an hour. For this reason, in the early morning hours the chance to see the nightmare rises very sharply.

Should I call a doctor? If the nightmares are not systematic, and occur only occasionally, it is cause for concern, there is absolutely no. But if nightmares visit regularly, you should consult with a specialist to determine the causes and possible treatment with the aim of their elimination.

Some useful priority hints for children and adults.

If you own technique of relaxation, a good solution would be to use it before going to bed. A warm bath, breathing exercises, meditation also helps to relieve stress and relax before bedtime. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and eating at night is harmful. Avoid watching horror movies not only before going to sleep, but in General. Do something pleasant and peaceful. If a child suffers regular nightmares, be patient toward him and in any case do not scold if it wakes you at night. This will only aggravate the situation. Explain to your child that this is only a dream and he is in the real world is not in danger.

Can nightmares give complications? Yes, unfortunately you can. Among them: drowsiness during the day and weakened immunity as a result, the decline in health of a person in consequence of deconcentration of attention and memory, bad mood and the fear of going to bed. It should be emphasized that such effects are only regular nightmares. As already mentioned, in this case it is necessary to consult a physician, well, plus a full self-control. Be healthy!