The stretcher - a device for carrying amazed and patients in supine (semi-sitting position, and also to carry them on various types of sanitary transport. The stretcher can also be used instead of beds in the field of medical institutions.

sanitary stretchers
Fig. 1. Unified sanitary stretchers:
1 - in the unfolded state; 2 - minimized; 3 - raspor stretcher; 4 - a stretcher installed on a gurney.
marine litter
Fig. 2. Marine litter.
stretcher straps
Fig. 3. Stretcher straps.

Unified stretcher (Fig. 1,1-3) consists of two wooden bars of square cross section (45 mm), two bent Razborov with 4 legs and tarpaulins with sleeves for the boards. The length of the stretcher - 2210 mm, width - 551 mm, length of a panel - 1820 mm, weight - 9,5 - 10 kg
In the special conditions of use of pack (mountain), and the ships - ship stretcher, with a few twists along the length of the body (Fig. 2), and soft batch stretcher, representing an envelope with inserted inside the wooden slats.
In the hospital institutions transportation of affected patients and performed on a stretcher installed on a gurney (Fig. 1, 4).
Carry amazed and on stretchers 2-4 medic. To facilitate the work of nurses use a variety of devices (wheels, skis, the runners). The number of devices that facilitate the work of the attendants, are stretcher straps (Fig. 3) - canvas strap length 360 cm, width 6.5 cm with metal buckle on the end. 100 cm from the buckle strap, two ends sewn along the straps of a canvas strip width 5 cm, forming with the main belt opening width 7 cm Weight straps 500-600, Straps allow you to perform a number of techniques transportation amazed and patients without stretchers (the "ring" or "eight"), extract them from corners, pull on a Cape or scrapers, to fix a stretcher, to use for a suspension bracket and mounting stretcher in all kinds of sanitary transport.