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Health development is inseparably linked with the scientific-technical progress in the field of creation and production of medical equipment. The development of it in the country more than ten scientific-research and design organizations, various ministries and departments. A great contribution to the creation of such equipment make scientific institutes of the USSR Ministry of health, Ministry of the medical industry, Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
Industry in our country today produces more than 10 types of laser surgery and therapy equipment, produces almost all types of modern anesthesia, respiratory and inhalation technology.
The world famous are national medical instruments, widely implemented into the practice of health needleless injector - pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical devices for vaccination of pain and other purposes. World-known devices, A. Ilizarov used in orthopedic and trauma patients.
During the years of the tenth five-year volume of manufacture of medical products increased by 57.5%, during this time mastered industrial production of about 500 items of medical equipment and more than 200 drugs. High rates of development of the medical industry are saved and in the eleventh five-year plan. Only for 1980-1983, production of medical products increased by almost 30%. Now the enterprises of medical industry produce about five thousand devices, apparatus, tools, equipment and over two thousand medicines.
In the last decade, we have been actively working on automation of medical equipment with the help of computer means, in particular, for the processing and analysis of information received from the diagnostic equipment and laboratory instruments, and to provide management functions. A combination of different uniform microprocessor modules, built-in equipment, allow to solve various problems of processing extensive biomedical information. This new medical technique can be successfully used for medical examination of the population and mass preventive examinations.
Firmly won the recognition of the doctors of technical tools to equip the service of anesthesiology and resuscitation drugs ventilation and anesthesia equipment, equipment for functional diagnostics of lungs, for electro defibrillation heart monitor system for monitoring the condition of the patient in intensive care.
The success of surgical science and practice brought to life medical equipment to temporarily replace the functions of organs - the devices for artificial and accessory blood circulation, and also for hemodialysis. In this section we will discuss some new appliances and devices, which are becoming more widely used in clinics.