Neoplasms of the colon

X-ray diagnosis of tumors of the colon is based on the identification of defect filling and relief mucosa. And in that and in other case radiographically is determined by the narrowing of the lumen, which in the presence of filling defect can lead to the picture stenotic process, and when changes mucous such may not be observed. In the latter case, the x-ray examination is of particular importance, because with its help you can identify tumors that are not available accurate clinical recognition. But even with clinically detected tumors of the colon x-ray method creates conditions for a precise indication of the place of their location, prevalence and associated changes.
The incidence of tumors of the large intestine most successfully achieved when conducting research using contrast enema. Oral administration of contrast medium, the tumor can be ignored because of many functional layers that contribute to "hide" the symptoms of the tumor, which mainly can be caused by the rupture fecal post.